How To Format Your Mailing List

Mailing List Specifications

When you send your mailing list to us, you want to format it a certain way. The image below shows what a properly formated list looks like in Microsoft Excel. You want each item, First, Last, Address1 etc. in it's own column so our software understands it.

Consumer Mailing List

Customer Mailing List

Business Mailing List

Business Mailing List

You can upload mailing lists to our server hereUPLOAD NOW

Accepted File Types

Our upload tool only accepts CSV (Comma Separated Values, also called "Comma-delimited") files. If you have any of the following files .txt, .tab, .csv, dbf, .xls, you can email them to us instead at

NCOA - National Change Of Address Service

This software matches your records to the USPS database of address changes and update your mailing list with current move information where available. This results in a cleaner, more efficient mailing list. This service is free when you mail with us.