Mobile Websites with QR Code Tracking

Integrating Mobile & Direct Mail Is Your Key For Success
Cross-Channel Integration. Sounds way over your head right? Not anymore. Postcard Services has set up the integration for you! Our Mobile Web pages connect to QR Codes printed on your Direct Mail piece. Best of all it is trackable, online, by you. A brilliantly simple and effective way to increase the response of your Direct Mail efforts.
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Why Should I Care About Mobile?

Since smartphone and tablets were introduced they have quickly become the fastest segment for browsing the internet. In one year from August 2011 to August 2012 the amount of smartphone and tablets browsing the web went from 5.52% to 9.18% according to NetMarketShare. That is almost double in 1 year. This year is expected to be an even bigger jump.

QR Code SampleThe reason you should care about a Mobile Web page is TIMING. Your customers are most interested when they are reading the direct mail piece you sent. The QR Code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is a code that can be scanned by a smartphone or tablet to access additional offers, photos or information on your new Mobile Web page. Entice them with a better offer at the time they are most interested and increase response.

Postcard Services makes it simple. No design work, and no secret, nerdy, internet stuff! All you have to do is pick out the Mobile Web Page layout you like, fill out a simple form then add the QR code we provide on your artwork. Then you can login and see all the analytics online to how many recipients interacted with you new Mobile Web Page. Call Us Today to get setup, 1-888-274-7815.

FREE Mobile Web Page With $500 Order*Click Here To Get Started

* Order $500 in postcards and receive a Mobile Landing Page with QR Code and tracking for FREE. Applies to new orders placed on or after 9/17/12 only. Offer good until 10/24/12. Mobile Web Page will be hosted for free for 60 days.

Mobile Web Page Highlights

Sample Mobile Web Styles

Style 1
Style 2
Style 3
Style 4
Style 5
Style 6
Mobile Landing Page Style 1 Mobile Landing Page Style 2 Mobile Landing Page Style 3 Mobile Landing Page Style 4 Mobile Landing Page Style 5 Mobile Landing Page Style 6
Why Use Postcard Services For Mobile Web Services?

Postcard Services is a different type of direct mail marketing partner. All you see on this site is created by us. From the pretty graphics on the web site to the automated processes we use to print and mail your project. It is all here, in this one building and now you can tap into our internet marketing expertise and combine the power of direct mail with the increasing power of the Mobile Web.

More About Our Mobile Pages

  • All Code is Mobile Browser friendly
  • Pages are created by us, no need to learn!
  • Fill out one form and site will be ready in 48 hours
  • Edits are just as easy, just one form
  • $49.95 a month payment includes Mobile Sites, QR Codes & tracking
  • Do you need more customization? Our platform can handle it. Just call.
FREE Mobile Web Page With $500 Order*Click Here To Get Started